Vers l'automatisation intelligente : FreeCon Contactless rend vos applications plus efficaces à tous les niveaux
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FreeCon Contactless was developed in close collaboration with leading German car manufacturers. The system is suitable for an extremely wide range of sectors, such as machine construction, robotics, materials handling and even renewable energy. It can be retrofitted with ease and is thus an appealing solution for existing plants, too. With this multitude of advantages, it helps to increase the level of automation and optimises the production process. And best of all, FreeCon Contactless does more than simply help to avoid contact-related failures and cut maintenance costs. Completely new designs and areas of application are possible with a view to optimising production processes.

The automotive industry makes use of applications that require frequent plugging cycles, such as industrial robots performing tool changes. They work with a variety of tools, which they independently change for different tasks – such as gripping or welding. The high level of wear that occurs on the mechanical plug-in connections can be avoided entirely with FreeCon Contactless. This saves both time and money in terms of contact maintenance and replacement, in addition to minimising machine failures caused by maintenance work or defects.


Tool change system

Automatic transport systems, which are a common feature of many warehouses and production halls nowadays, complete all work without mechanical support. A member of staff only has to be present to make the plug-in connection, which is required for charging the battery. FreeCon Contactless makes even this manual work step superfluous. The driverless transport systems move to the charging station independently just before the battery goes flat, at the end of the working day, or at shutdown periods. The result is effective time and cost savings, which means your investment pays for itself in no time at all.

Driverless transport systems