WPD X01-X03 main line branch terminals

Connect main lines on the smallest of spaces
Slim main line branch terminals approved for aluminium conductors
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In a growing number of industrial applications, a great deal of technology has to be housed in an extremely small space. Also, on long cable paths, copper is being increasingly used instead of aluminium for cost reasons. But it isn’t always easy to supply aluminium conductors with power, since doing so places high demands on the contact location. Not all supply terminals are up to the job.

The slim design of our WPD X01–X03 main line branch terminals saves a great deal of space. The products are also approved for aluminium conductors pursuant to IEC 61238-1 “Class A”. With their permissible voltage of 1,000 V DC, they meet all the requirements of complex applications.

Create space where things are tight using our WPD X01–X03 main line branch terminals and make way for a universally stable connection.

While charging stations for electric cars may be small, they certainly pack a punch in terms of technology. Here, the new WPD X01–X03 main line branch terminals score top marks with a compact design and outstanding durability – even when combined with aluminium connections and conductors.







A high-performance space miracle

Our main conductor branch terminals are extremely durable and are currently the slimmest solution available on the market, with a module width of just 17.8 mm for 25 mm² connections.


Product advantages


Secure application

In addition to the approval for aluminium conductors pursuant to IEC 61238-1, our main line branch terminals have also passed the tests pursuant to IEC 60947-7-1 and VDE DIN 0603-2. Safe applications are guaranteed in a multitude of surroundings thanks to a self-extinguishing plastic housing that contains no halogen and touch safety pursuant to EN 50247.

Versatile connection options

Whether you’re using our main conductor branch terminals for copper or aluminium lines, you can randomly combine them with a catch mechanism system to form blocks. They’re also suitable for connections measuring from 2.5 mm² to 70 mm².

Quick installation

The new design and user-friendly contours mean that our distribution blocks are especially clear and easy to install. If two or more distribution blocks are being installed, they can either be assembled horizontally or vertically – the choice is yours.

High level of durability

The sophisticated technology even allows for use of voltages of up to 1,000 V DC. This technology means brake screws are a thing of the past. In other words, you benefit from full torque, don’t destroy the thread and are guaranteed to not lose the screws.

Clear designations

Use our TwinMark shrink hoses to guarantee tidiness and safety in the cabinet.

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