Explore our latest products in the field of modular terminal blocks


WPD X01-X03 main line branch terminals

Connect main lines on the smallest of spaces
Slim main line branch terminals approved for aluminium conductors
Let's connect.

WPD X00 & X04-X09 distribution blocks

The secure and efficient way of distributing supplied power
Optimised distribution blocks guarantee comfort and space gains

JB 25-50 and EBB 25-50/16 potential equalisation blocks

Simplify potential equalisation over long distances
With easy-to-install blocks for production lines

Double-tier feed-through modular terminals ZDK 2.5-2/4AN

Vibration and shock-resistant connections in trains
Reduce cabling to a minimum with ZDK 2.5-2/4AN


Powerful three-conductor installation with cross-sections of up to 6 mm²
PDL 6 S enables convenient and space-saving connectivity

WDK 10

Sophisticated power distribution in a set
WDK 10 feed-in and distribution terminals require up to 50 % less space


Shielding on both sides in sprawling systems
Completely safe for the first time ever with our filter-based shield clamps.