HighPower wagon-to-wagon connectors

Secure power distribution for wagon-to-wagon coupling
With our compact RockStar® HighPower wagon-to-wagon connectors
Let's connect.

Heavy-duty power lines were previously hard-wired at wagon-to-wagon connections; today plug-in solutions are becoming increasingly common. Carriage substitution and train extensions are thus made possible on an hourly basis.
To meet the increasing demands on performance, ease of handling and space requirements, we have developed a completely new connector system based on our RockStar® HighPower series. The wagon-to-wagon connectors are designed for the transmission of up to 550 A and 1,500 V with conductor cross-sections from 35 to 240 mm2.
Benefit from the modular design, with 1, 2, 3 and even 4-pin variants, the maintenance-free, securely crimped lines and the high impact strength of the plug system.
RockStar® High Power combines rugged hard wiring to the carriage interior with a removable connection between carriages. From 2016, the high-current connector will also bring new high-speed trains of the Deutsche Bahn quickly on track.








Pluggable in the smallest spaces

Since other electrical and mechanical units are also mounted between carriages in addition to the protected passenger connector, space is at a premium. No problem for our compact high-current connectors:

  • 3-pin version: 190 x 351 x 163 mm
  • 4-pin version: 250 x 351 x 163 mm

Product advantage

Dustproof and watertight
The plug-in connector is installed on the end wall of rail cars, where it is exposed to adverse weather conditions, such as rain, hail, snow and ice.
Plug-in high power transmission
With its sophisticated design and the use of high-quality insulation and contact materials, the HighPower plug-in connector has an output of 550 A and 1,500 V per contact – with a grid spacing of 60 mm.
Maintenance-free crimp connection technology

The crimp connection technology used in the end-wall connector is sure to impress thanks to its compact and maintenance-free design.