OMNIMATE Power - Touch-safe female header for power electronics

Plug-in connections for high power up to 50 kVA


Touch-safe protection for the contact blade is an important factor when considering high-power connectors.

However such protection is currently quite difficult to design into standard products because of the size of the plug contacts.


We meet this challenge with our new BUL 10.16 female header in 10.16 mm pitch. The inverted plug ensures

reliable touch protection for the unplugged, live side. This makes the BUL 10.16 a perfect-fit solution for board-to-wire connection in high-power electronics. You can also establish board-to-board connections when combined with the SU 10.16 HP standard male header.


Cannot be wrongly inserted

Only mated plugs with the same pole count fit together. The plugs‘ mating profiles make it impossible to connect plugs with different pole counts together.

High performance

Three solder pins per pole provide the necessary mechanical strength while ensuring maximum current specifications.

Non-rotating assembly

Improved reliability while assembling the circuit board: An integrated coding pin serves as an assembly guide so that the plug cannot be accidentally turned 180°.


Plugging errors are not possible

With inserted coding elements, the male plug can only be connected with its corresponding female header.


BUL 10.16 HP / SUZ 10.16 HP

Derating-Kurve für Buchsenleiste BUL 10.16 HP mit der Stiftstecker SUZ 10.16 HP.

BUL 10.16 HP / SU 10.16 HP

Derating-Kurve für Buchsenleiste BUL 10.16 HP mit der Stiftleiste SU 10.16 HP.