OMNIMATE Power PCB plug-in connector SL 7.62HP/270

Ergonomic operation and simple front design
OMNIMATE Power opens up new 270° perspectives


With modular devices, the PCBs are often perpendicular, i.e. located on the right and left, close to the housing wall. Hence the need to arrange the male header in the device so that it points to the middle.

To avoid the need to change the direction of access during installation, we have developed a 270° male header. The combination of two opposing PCBs inside the housing, one with a 90° and the other with a 270° pin header. This allows you to keep the screwdriver comfortably in your right hand when wiring.

In addition to the ergonomic operation without the need to change hands, the consistent alignment of the connections also means that the layout of the front panel is particularly simple and clear.

The solder flange solution for the pin connector on the PCB and the possible flange fixing of the plug section simplify the use of complex device applications with high mechanical demands







Compact and powerful

We offer you the smallest plug-in “PUSH IN” connection solution for field wiring up to 600 V UL with a connection cross-section of AWG 12 (2.5 mm²).



Product advantage

Simple design, standard operation

All “PUSH IN” connection components on the front panel are aligned in the same direction thanks to the 270° male header. This allows a continuous operation with the right hand.

A strong team

Especially in industrial applications in a vibration environment, the combination of female header BLF7.62HP for 600 V UL and male header SL7.62HP are convincing as a strong “PUSH IN” solution.