OMNIMATE Power panel feed-through terminal SVF

Safe-to-touch, solid and pluggable
Our feed-through terminals also support thick housing walls
Let's connect.

A cable feed-through connection for housing or cabinet walls should be robust and easy to handle. This claim gets fast to a challenge when we talk about the thickness of die-cast aluminium housings.
Our pluggable panel feed-through connection SVF 7.62HP SFMF (SFBMF) in IP 20 copes this job perfectly. Thanks to the two-sided finger safety clearance of 3 mm, this solution can be used safely even in applications with backwards voltages and is therefore suitable for use in an industrial environment without an inverted mating profile. One hand is enough to plug the counterpart BVF 7.62HP 180 MF and to latch them.
Feel free to use this universal plug device at control cabinets. Or use it for the power-input and power-output connection of electronic housings.
Our flexible, plug-in supply connections reduce installation and service costs in the signal range up to 41 A. They thus address the much increased demands in the field of signal processing devices, such as photovoltaic inverters.







Our plug-in panel feed-through is particularly impressive with automatic locking and the ability to couple two plug-in mating partners



Product advantages

Panel feed-through up to 16 mm as per UL
Without additional measures for maintaining the clearance and creepage distances as per UL, two versions for walls up to 2 mm or up to 16 mm are available. The maximum wire cross section is AWG 8 or 10 mm2.
One-handed operation with locking
The mating partner BVF 7.62HP impresses with its one-hand operation and automatic snap-in. If required by a directive, it can be optionally secured with an additional screw.
Pin number extension to > 4 pins
Use our SVF/BVF 7.62HP COUPLE SET for extensions. Each of the two mating partners can thus be connected back-to-back to a 2-row connector with a maximum of 2 x 4 poles.