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PCB terminals – OMNIMATE Power LLF 7.50

Reliable and fast connection in power electronic applications
LLF 7.50 PCB terminal with PUSH IN connection system

PCB terminals – OMNIMATE Power LUF and LUFS

Reliable and fast connection of power electronics devices
LUF and LUFS series PCB terminal with PUSH IN connection


Installation of particularly compact and reliable connection solutions
BHF 5.00 PUSH IN for CH20M housings

OMNIMATE services

Shape design-in processes in a uniquely efficient way
Web-based OMNIMATE® Services guide you to the perfect result
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OMNIMATE Signal BLF 2.5/SL 2.5 connectors

Use compact, functional connection solutions
BLF 2.5/SL 2.5 PUSH IN device connectors

OMNIMATE Signal LS2HF PCB terminals

The simple way to connect wires with cross-sections up to 1.5 mm²
LS2HF with PUSH IN connection system on two connection levels

OMNIMATE Power LUF 10.00 PCB terminals

Safe and efficient connection of power electronics devices
Using our LUF 10.00 PCB terminal with PUSH IN connection system

OMNIMATE Signal PCB plug-in connector Lock & Release

Release and lock with the turn of a lever
Particularly safe and space saving with OMNIMATE Signal
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OMNIMATE Power PCB plug-in connector SVFL/BVFL 7.62HP

Convenient connection of stripped short wires
OMNIMATE Power with openable “PUSH IN” connection
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OMNIMATE Power panel feed-through terminal SVF

Safe-to-touch, solid and pluggable
Our feed-through terminals also support thick housing walls
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OMNIMATE Signal HC plug-in connector

Maximum power reserves for your PCB connection
With the “HC-upgrade” of our OMNIMATE PCB-connectors in pitch 5.0x

OMNIMATE Signal PCB terminals LSF-SMD

Your future lies in SMD assembly
OMNIMATE Signal LSF-SMD provides more design freedom

OMNIMATE Power PCB plug-in connector SL 7.62HP/270

Ergonomic operation and simple front design
OMNIMATE Power opens up new 270° perspectives

OMNIMATE Power connector BUL 10.16

Plug-in connections for high power up to 50 kVA