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Learn more about the background and practical application of our OMNIMATE® device connection technology in the magazine section

Best climate with the right connection system

Fast and safe with worldwide application: the Power and Signal connectors from the OMNIMATE product range fully demonstrate their strengths in Blue e+, the new generation of cooling equipment from enclosure expert Rittal.

AppGuide: product recommendations for applications

Weidmüller provides device developers with a unique selection tool that lets them find the right connection system for their application in just a few steps

Smart PCB terminal for intelligent cloud-based control

Impressive freedom of design combined with highly efficient and reliable assembly: the merits of OMNIMATE Signal LSF-SMD PCB terminals are demonstrated to outstanding effect in the new app-based control system of ventilation system manufacturer Schrag.

Brilliant connections for inspirational device design

Miniaturised device design, an all-round, impressive level of user-friendliness thanks to PUSH IN connection technology and a wide range of possible applications – the relay from Tele Haase satisfies these requirements with a little help from the LSF-SMT PCB terminals

A bright solution

PCB terminals of the LSF-SMD series convince in LED lighting systems. They support lighting expert Abaled in creating long-lasting solutions.

Packing density 2.0: High-performance compact connectors

A powerful and compact packet of performance: this is how the B2CF 3.5 signal connector comes across. Its features reflect the practical requirements fed back to us by our users.

The best shaped functional integration

A high number of channels on the smallest possible PCB space characterises the
CPX-L I/O modules from Festo. Behind them are the LSF-SMD PUSH IN PCB terminals.

Minimum size, maximum function

Weidmüller‘s PCB plug in connectors reliably connect remote sensors in Jetter‘s JX3 I/O system. Compact, but highly functional, this has been the fundamental design influence of the narrow JX3 modules.

Innovative illumination with long-lasting hardware

Weidmüller’s BCF 3.81: the sturdy, maintenance-free female connector that is being used to support the durability of the innovative FARA LED LAMP® LED street lights.