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OMNIMATE Signal BLF 2.5/SL 2.5 connectors

Use compact, functional connection solutions
BLF 2.5/SL 2.5 PUSH IN device connectors

OMNIMATE Signal LS2HF PCB terminals

The simple way to connect wires with cross-sections up to 1.5 mm²
LS2HF with PUSH IN connection system on two connection levels

OMNIMATE Signal HC plug-in connector

Maximum power reserves for your PCB connection
With the “HC-upgrade” of our OMNIMATE PCB-connectors in pitch 5.0x

OMNIMATE Signal PCB plug-in connector Lock & Release

Release and lock with the turn of a lever
Particularly safe and space saving with OMNIMATE Signal

OMNIMATE Signal PCB terminals LSF-SMD

Your future lies in SMD assembly
OMNIMATE Signal LSF-SMD provides more design freedom

OMNIMATE Signal connector B2CF 3.50

Simple and safe connection for wires up to 1.5 mm²

SAI M8 + M12 PCB connectors

Convenient design and assembly of reliable device solutions
Innovative M8 and M12 PCB connectors