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What’s behind our solutions


The requirements of our focus industries are diverse. We respond with a comprehensive portfolio of products, excellent services and customised solutions. Read our interesting background articles and learn more about the trends that move us.

Cabinet infrastructure – one-stop shopping

Weidmüller expands its range of cabinet components. Additions to the programme include stable cabling channels and energy-efficient filter fans. These are beneficial both in cabinets and in Weidmüller housing solutions, for example for photovoltaics or for the wind power industry.

Plan more flexibly, achieve your goal faster

On-call orders? Tight deadlines? Last minute design changes? Weidmüller offers comprehensive process solutions so that panel building can run productively and economically, in spite of increasing complexity. The latest example is our Fast Delivery Service of the Weidmüller Configurator for ready-to-install terminal strips.

Global presence, local availability

For more customer proximity: alongside its distribution companies and agencies in over 20 countries, Weidmüller relies upon local assembly partners who produce and provide specialist support and sales for the robust Klippon® Protect solutions for challenging environments.

Big data under control

Using communications components, Cloud Services and a sophisticated Analytics solution, Weidmüller contributes to the processing and evaluation of complex data volumes which delivers real added value for the user.

Partnering up expertise for the railway

How HUBER+SUHNER and Weidmüller jointly meet the growing requirements of the railway industry – explained by Detmar Saalmann, Global Industry Development Manager Transportation.

Plug-and-play instead of complex cabling

As an expert in the field of electrical connectivity and offering a wide range of plug-in connectors and cabling solutions, Weidmüller provides the perfect tools for cabling the industrial systems of the future.

Web-based engineering for the automation of the future

With the control system u-control, the Weidmüller automation family is welcoming a new generation. Based on the motto “More performance. Simplified.”, u-control enables platform-independent facility programming using a browser.

RockStar® ModuPlug offers more for less

The modular connector system solves space problems by offering increased functionality with a reduced installation space, which in turn also helps keep the weight down.

Act instead of react

Weidmüller’s BLADEcontrol® system increases revenue and reduces cost risks thanks to continual rotor blade monitoring and ice detection.

Voltage as a driving factor

Maximum cost effectiveness with the highest quality and performance – Weidmüller meets these requirements for the design and construction of photovoltaic systems with its 1,500 V generator combiner boxes.

Connect and go

Weidmüller's 72-hour service provides device developers with a quick and easy way to obtain OMNIMATE product samples – regardless of where they are located in the world.

Creative scope for plant planners

Contactless transmission technology opens up new automation opportunities. In cases where a manual plug connection is not an option, advanced applications can be implemented with the FreeCon Contactless’ automated couplings.

Energy monitoring at all levels

Weidmüller’s Total Energy Monitoring approach allows energy and process data to be monitored and analysed from the network transfer point at plant level via the production lines and machinery through to individual machinery modules.

Outpacing faults

Data will in future determine the performance of production and serve as the basis for new data-driven business models. Michael Matthesius, President of Global Industry Management for Machine Construction, and Industry Portfolio Manager for Factory Automation, Tobias Gaukstern, explain how you can analyse this data and generate value from it.

Configure and monitor with the latest FDT2 technology

FDT2 is one of the most important recent advancements in manufacturer-independent standards for the automation industry. Weidmüller is the first provider to support the enhanced specification with device drivers and a customised frame application.

It’s the combination that makes it

To make complex systems in Ex zones service-friendly, the Control Station Large allows for a variety of control functions to be combined in a single enclosure – developed in a customised manner and assembled based on three ranges of enclosures.

Uplifting solutions

Extreme heights, extreme distances and extreme environments – these are the challenges faced by the operators of wind power installations when performing maintenance work. Weidmüller is developing application-specific condition monitoring solutions in order to ensure that service and maintenance work can be planned in advance and initiated automatically.

Still new, and always with plenty of energy

With its expertise, comprehensive solutions and global presence, Weidmüller has been supporting renewable energy projects around the world for many years. Numerous requirements are already familiar and have already been met. Nevertheless, the still-growing markets continue to bring new perspectives and demand fitting solutions.

Massively flexible – with ease

Weidmüller has a simple solution to the problem of complex signal connections in modular production systems with multiple protection classes: the flexible, integrated combination of IP 20 and IP 67 in u-remote.

Customised energy monitoring from a single source

The economical use of resources is already of great importance in many companies. With intelligently networked hardware components, Weidmüller allows for all relevant energy data to be recorded in line with demand.

Uniquely simple and clear

Thanks to its integrated display, the ACT20P Pro DCDC II analogue signal converter provides highest measurement accuracy and extremely simple configuration. Ideal conditions for its main area of application in the classical machinery sector.

Contactless power transmission is opening up new automation prospects

To transmit high levels of power as part of a maintenance-free solution, Weidmüller has optimised the proven inductive resonance coupling technology so that even powerful motors can be reliably supplied via an air gap.

Safe interaction between man and machine

Protected investments, staff safety and increased added value are Weidmüller's objectives with u-remote. Fully designed with safety in mind, the remote I/O solution significantly simplifies the design and implementation of safety concepts of any size.

Optimising energy consumption in production processes

The first quarter of the year is already drawing to a close. Some people who made more efficient energy management their New Year’s resolution might now be asking themselves where exactly they should start. Being an experienced partner, Weidmüller offers practical solutions – from the overall concept, right down to the smallest of details.

Automation solutions the fast and space-saving way

Growing modularisation and decentralisation gives rise to new challenges in terms of connection technology. Product Manager Andreas Hoffmann explains how modular industrial applications with cramped space conditions can be flexibly and simply automated with u-remote HD modules.

In safe hands throughout the world

Assembled enclosure solutions from Weidmüller are used in more and more industrial applications to reduce vertical integration and save on production costs. Critical to their success is the company's worldwide network of application centres.

Control systems more efficiently

Numerous possible combinations, highly flexible functionality, work-saving details: with FrontCom® Vario, Weidmüller sets new standards for service interfaces. The new family offers tangible improvements in efficiency – from planning to operation.

Complete control – with safety!

Virtually any larger machine represents a potential hazard for its users, due to movements of the robot arms or hydraulic cylinders, for example. Flexible options for add-on functional safety solutions therefore form an integral part of Weidmüller’s remote I/O solution.

Strip hard, halogen-free cable insulation with ease

Cost-efficiency, elevated safety standards and the trend towards application-specific cables raise the complexity of wire insulation. Weidmüller meets the challenge with precision tools for highest standards.

Permanently supplied – all-purpose, yet entirely as needed

If automation is to run smoothly, then safety functions, process checks and communication processes have to be purposefully maintained. To this end, Weidmüller offers needs-based power supply solutions that completely correspond with the reliability level required in each case.

Bright future for plant efficiency

On the increasingly competitive wind power market it is more important than ever to guarantee maximum plant efficiency during the planning phase while incurring the lowest possible acquisition and follow-up costs. Weidmüller’s LED system solution makes the interior lighting intelligent and offers high potential of cutting the total operating costs.

Simple testing according to standards

Weidmüller's new generation of two-pole voltage testers exceed the current requirements of the latest directives. This means that installers can be sure of optimum quality and safety in any situation.

Reliable signal transmission in sensitive processes

SIL-certified signal converters for areas with a potentially explosive atmosphere are the newest addition to the Weidmüller solution package for safety-related signal circuits in the process industries and energy technology.

Secure energy right up to the most remote drive

Weidmüller is supporting decentralisation – and highlighting new potential savings – with an intuitive project planning tool and coherently interconnected component systems.

Connection efficiency meets design freedom

With a wide range of “PUSH IN” PCB terminals designed for the SMD reflow soldering process, Weidmüller meets the requirements of practical application: from fully automatic surface mounting to the practical plug-in connections for installing devices.

Safe energy in automation

By suitably interconnecting high-availability with practical add-on modules and uninterruptable power supply units, Weidmüller provides power supply solutions that meet the most challenging standards. Just like the new powerful PROmax series.

"Uniquely flexible system design"

u-remote separates the supply for inputs and outputs using two 10 A current paths which are able to withstand high loads. As experts with their fingers on the pulse of the market, Weidmüller industrial managers Annika Gregorz from Germany and Stefano Schiavella from Italy are fully aware of how this benefits system planners and operators in machine construction.

Crimping with a spring effect

Are 2.5 mm² really 2.5 mm²? For those who don’t want to rely on their gut feeling or perform comprehensive inspections, crimping tools with a spring effect enable reliable compensation of potential size discrepancies between the conductor and the wire-end ferrule.

Energy consumption under control

Thanks to their high measurement accuracy, the energy meters of the “Power Monitor” series form the ideal basis for setting up an active energy management system

Tackle power supply economically

Power supply expert Minwei Xu from Weidmüller explains the properties of the new PROeco series, which combines high performance, failure protection and a low height

Series on “Permanently supplied”

Playing it safe, twice over, with redundancy, smooth operation thanks to uninterruptible power supply, and safe bypasses with buffer modules

Series on "SIL in practice"

Reliably shutting down during an emergency, safe application in corrosive atmospheres and furnace control in thermo-process facilities

Series on the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG

No risk, more safety – ready for the new Machinery Directive: Closer look at MTTF values of relays and opto modules, high MTBF times with high quality power supplies, surge protection to avoid failures resulting from a common cause

How is a combiner box actually made?

In its application centre for photovoltaic solutions, Weidmüller develops combiner boxes for the optimum connection between the solar modules and inverters. A look behind the scenes provides insights – from the construction to the approval process.