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What's the benefit of our solutions in practice


Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We want to grasp and enthuse them. The key to all this lies in a continuous exchange and a deep understanding of their applications. Read the stories of successful customer projects with our sustainable solutions.

Fully automatic – and in keeping with all the laws of brewing

At Bitburger, one of the largest breweries in Germany, it takes seven to nine hours to go through all of the processing stations in the production line. All of the steps are supported by the remote I/O system u-remote from Weidmüller, which is reliably working away in the background.

The terminal block of the future

With the application-specific Klippon® Connect terminal blocks, Weidmüller is providing solutions that are winning over both panel building company Controller and plant manufacturer Wemhöner.

Distributed safety compactly bundled

The more intelligent and networked a system is, the more important it is to use a state-of-the-art safety solution. With u-remote, Zink KÖRNER was able to construct a compact safety I/O solution with integrated cooperation.

Wanted: a complete solution – found: an automation partner

With open and powerful real-time control over two processor cores and an application-specific software library, 4 Energy GmbH (S4E) considerably speeds up the engineering and commissioning work required for their small wind turbines.

Power comes to light

FieldPower® Wind Energy proves to be thoroughly illuminating in the pilot installation of wind turbine manufacturer Nordex and, as a modular LED system solution, facilitates the rapid and uncomplicated installation of eight additional plants.

Best climate with the right connection technology

Fast and safe with worldwide application: the Power and Signal connectors from the OMNIMATE® product range fully demonstrate their strengths in Blue e+, the new generation of cooling equipment from enclosure expert Rittal.

Marking in the configuration process

With M-Print® PRO eCAD, Weidmüller offers a user-friendly add-on to EPLAN Electric P8 that provides intelligent, automated component marking. The direct CAE connection brings benefits for the entire panel building value chain. One of these beneficiaries is the automotive division of optoelectronics group Jenoptik.

Powerful "sunroof"

Just under a year separated the initial idea and the grid connection of Switzerland’s most powerful rooftop photovoltaic system. Weidmüller’s know-how and experience helped achieve this record-breaking time.

Signals in safe hands

The automation of mechanisms for water and wastewater treatment involves large quantities of analogue signals. Hungarian company Controlsoft is using Weidmüller solutions for its signal conversion.

Plenty of room for manoeuvre in the system – no room for manoeuvre in the packaging

The more diverse the sizes, the more challenging it is to stock customised packaging. Stand-By Longpack B.V. has developed a sophisticated packaging line specifically for companies that make products in a variety of linear dimensions. The software provided by Dutch specialists Hellebrekers Technieken guarantees the system’s precision and flexibility – together with u-remote as a remote I/O solution.

Transparent energy management

The efficient use and self-sufficient generation of energy are two of the Winkelmann Group’s declared objectives. Weidmüller is supporting the medium-sized international business in setting up a flexible energy management system.

The smallest particles solve the greatest riddles

With the European XFEL X-ray laser, a unique research facility is currently emerging in Hamburg, Germany, where extremely high-energy laser light has already made it possible to gain almost unprecendented insights into matter. Weidmüller is involved with the pioneering project thanks to its Industrial Connectivity solutions for DCS marshalling and data transmission.

Environmental conditions of superlatives

Deserts in the north of Chile are one of the driest places on earth. Specifically adapted to their extreme environmental conditions, Weidmüller bundles high-quality components to provide innovative solutions.

Precision in motion

In China, demand in the field of elevator technology is shooting upwards, just like the buildings. Shanghai STEP Electric Corporation is a specialist in this segment. u-remote demonstrates its system benefits in robots developed especially for welding functions in elevator engineering.

Uncompromisingly powerful and safe

These were Siemens’ requirements for the SINAMICS V90 servo drive system together with its connection system. As a practical specialist, Weidmüller knows exactly what is required for drive controls and scores with the BLZ 7.62IT plug-in connector at Siemens in Nanjing.

Efficiency gains in the bag

Fast lead times and less space – these are the benefits Thürlings enjoys with its new generation of packaging machines, thanks to the profitable combination of the remote I/O system u-remote and TERMSERIES relay modules.

A modular distributor system for initiators and actuators

Geared towards practical requirements, Weidmüller's initiator and actuator terminals boast impressive compactness, vibration-proof spring connections and flexible modularity. Mechanical and plant engineering company Hymmen is benefiting from having the all-purpose system in the terminal boxes mounted on its transport and vacuum tables.

High-performance production processes

With its own automation division, Al Fanar Electric ensures high productivity in the manufacturing process of its electrical components. On the new production line, Weidmüller's remote-I/O solution, u-remote, takes care of that extra portion of performance.

Clever bottling

With its superior diagnostics and space-saving configuration, Weidmüller’s u-remote guarantees a reliable control process in the Belgian plant-manufacturer Crown-Baele's new filling machine.

A lot of power over a long-lasting service life

Power solid-state relays reliably switch high AC loads of up to 75 A without any signs of wear. IBL-Löttechnik therefore relies on Weidmüller's long-lasting electronic components for regulating and monitoring heating loads in its systems.

Reduced to the max

LTI Motion managed to reduce the size of its SystemOne CM servo drive by 75 percent, among others thanks to the Weidmüller OMNIMATE® Power Hybrid connector. The result: a perfectly harmonized system that is the most compact in its performance class.

u-remote promotes efficient powder coating

When it was redesigning its furnaces, MS Oberflächentechnik AG wanted its new remote I/O system to be flexible to plan, quick to install and stable in operation. Today,
u-remote is delivering noticeable efficiency advantages in all phases.

LED system solution cuts an impressive figure in pilot installations

FieldPower® Wind Energy offers everything required for the interior lighting and supply of wind power installations. As a customised solution, the system is an integral component of the current tower installations of leading turbine manufacturers – such as Nordex, for example.

Photovoltaics make water treatment "greener"

Covering an area the size of five football fields, the 3 MW system on the roof of the Aquiris water treatment plant is the largest of its kind in Belgium. Combiner boxes from Weidmüller help ensure that the 10,000 installed photovoltaic modules generate top-notch output exceeding 3.2 MW.

Subsequent expansions made easy

A customised Weidmüller solution package comprising signal splitters, power-feed modules and rail bus is scoring points in the optimisation measures currently undertaken at a coal-fired power plant in southern Turkey. The main benefits include the impressively low installation costs and savings on materials.

Single track to success

Thanks to TERMSERIES with multi-voltage input, multi-track relay solutions are a thing of the past. The Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) benefits from this with its newly standardised overhead line control cabinets.

Everything in flow with device design

Weidmüller was able to meet the requirements of SAMSON AG in developing a new electropneumatic position controller by providing a reflow-compatible connection solution and multifaceted design-in support.

Universal cabinet system: a solution based on partnership

In order to comply with the high demands placed on the functionality of safety equipment, Bosch Rexroth has developed its own, self-monitoring control solution. A lot of performance is packed into a small space. The recipe for success lies in deploying an efficient combination of components from the partners Bosch Rexroth and Weidmüller.

Advantages that do not evaporate

Only when cleaning vapor penetrates all nooks and crannies, perfect cleaning of metal parts is assured. u-remote guarantees safe process cycles in the new compact vapor degreasers from two Dutch manufacturers.

Smart PCB terminal for intelligent cloud-based control

Impressive freedom of design combined with highly efficient and reliable assembly: the merits of OMNIMATE Signal LSF-SMD PCB terminals are demonstrated to outstanding effect in the new app-based control system of ventilation system manufacturer Schrag.

Hand-in-hand approach for the pharmaceutical industry

The importance of product quality takes on a whole new dimension in the healthcare sector. The precise processes involved in the production of medicines therefore need strong partners, such as Bürkert and Weidmüller.

Safety is a top priority even in miniature machines

The requirements placed on miniature machines are becoming ever more stringent. They must be as compact and economical as possible and, at the same time, ensure safe operation with secure emergency stop switches. In AM2C's machinery manufacture facilities, Weidmüller electronics components are saving a considerable amount of space.

Intuitive system configuration – designed to inspire

Some things you simply have to experience live: The first u-remote station went into operation at Fichtner & Schicht GmbH within a very short time. The speed and convenience were so convincing that from then on the remote I/O system became the heart of the decentralised system design for the electroplating company.

Keeping a track on safety

With a solution package made up of an uninterruptible power supply, Power over Ethernet switches and surge protection for Ethernet applications, Weidmüller is guaranteeing a stable voltage and data supply for surveillance cameras.

State-of-the-art production methods for a traditional speciality

In the end-to-end production lines developed by Anselmo for the manufacture of pasta,
u-remote is an essential component of the distributed automation system

Systemised marking in all industrial applications

Whether packaging-, food- or pharmaceutical industries – each branch has its own claims on a resisting industrial marking system. The automation specialist I.E.M.A. will solve this with Weidmüller’s marking system, which will deliver the software as well as the fitting markers and printers from a single source in the future.

A suitable power level for every type of performance

Siemens’ SINAMICS G120C frequency converters have been combined with Weidmüller’s OMNIMATE-IT PCB plug-in connectors and are thus suited for use in IT networks – and many other applications.

Ideally equipped with an efficient emergency lighting system

Automotive supplier Bergmann Automotive relies on the merits of Weidmüller's FieldPower® LED lighting solution in its production facilities

A cutting-edge solution for initiators and actuators

On the ALPMA Alpenland Maschinenbau cheese-cutting machines, precision counts with every cut. The modular initiator/actuator terminals of the ZIA series cut an impressive figure with their compact assembly and integrated potential distribution

The key factor – functional reliability

For its system solutions in the rail and local traffic industries, HANNING & KAHL relies on technology that the company believes will stand the test of time – such as electronic solutions from Weidmüller.

Efficient newspaper winding

u-remote is driving performance in intelligent post-processing systems for Ferag’s newspaper and magazine production.

Wireless communication, smooth palletisation

The transfer wagons of the palletising system, developed recently by a South American machine construction company for a large consumer goods manufacturer, cover a distance of 80 metres

Handy for materials handling

By integrating the Weidmüller FieldPower® contact block in the MOVIFIT® basic connection box from SEW-EURODRIVE, all of the feed-in requirements are satisfied with a single component

Brilliant connections for inspirational device design

Miniaturised device design, an all-round, impressive level of user-friendliness thanks to PUSH IN connection technology and a wide range of possible applications – the relay from Tele Haase satisfies these requirements with a little help from SMT components.

Safe flow of traffic even during thunder and lightning

A Peter Meister AG control system will ensure, in the future, that traffic flows smoothly at Switzerland’s Brüttisellen junction. Future-proof surge protectors in the VARITECTOR PU series ensure the long-term reliability of the control system even in adverse weather conditions.

Pre-assembled functional units quickly and flexibly connected

The final commissioning process for a cabinet should be quick. This was also Senvion's requirement with respect to its wind energy plants, which was satisfied by the pluggable WeiCoS modular terminals (among other things).

Seamless aluminium production thanks to precise signals

While modernising their control cabinets at an aluminium production facility, the Brazilian engineering and assembly company EBM faced leakage current and a lack of space. The solution: TERMSERIES relays.

Flexible connection systems for seamless integration in photovoltaic plants

Combining renewable power with the protection of the environment and sustainable agriculture is the approach actively being pursued by British Solar Renewables.

Modular plugging, flexible testing

The all-purpose Weidmüller WIPRO test plug-in system supports all test scenarios that arise in a distributor system of TEN Thüringer Energienetze GmbH.

A bright solution

PCB terminals of the LSF-SMD series convince in LED lighting systems. They support lighting expert Abaled in creating long-lasting solutions.

Maintaining the flow of tyre production using integrated metal marking

With precise labelling, using Weidmüller MetalliCards, the employees of tyre producer Barum Continental are now able to identify every switch and every connection within seconds.

Automation in warehouse logistics

Components of the decentralised Weidmüller FieldPower® drive system are being used by Geberit as part of a new distribution processing station with ultra-modern materials handling and warehouse logistics software.

Uplifting solution: Airplane maker won over by multivoltage input

The recipe of system integrator Simav's success contains high levels of flexibility and time efficiency. A decisive ingredient in the refurbishment of the plant automation of plane maker Alenia Aermacchi was the TERMSERIES relay module multivoltage input.

Technical tour de force by team

Weidmüller has supported a record-breaking project with 1,500 pre-wired connectivity and electronic solutions – in record time!

Pinpoint adjustment for wafer-thin foils

In a 6-mm series terminal format, the TERMOPTO solid-state relay supports the precise adjustment of technological controls in the foil rolling process of world market leader, Achenbach Buschhütten.

With high-performance directly onto the printed circuit board

With its connection capacity of up to 50 mm², the high-current PCB terminal LXXX 15.00, in 15-mm pitch, is the idealfit direct connection for high current and voltage supply to the frequency converters of NORD DRIVESYSTEMS.

Packing density 2.0: High-performance compact connectors

A powerful and compact packet of performance: this is how the B2CF 3.5 signal connector comes across. Its features reflect the practical requirements fed back to us by our users.

One for all – and all in the Ex zone

Intrinsically safe, universal and, above all, simple to configure: these are the attributes that make the ACT20X signal conditioners the optimum product for Tyratronics, the Swedish system developer. The module means that they can perform precise and flexible signal conversions as part of their control solutions for gas filling plants.

Global knowledge network – across national and climatic borders

Taking advantage of its international sales network and local expertise, Weidmüller was able to provide a custom-fit solution for the Spanish train manufacturer Talgo. The solution ensured safe power distribution under extreme climatic conditions.

See well and work safely

Senvion chose to use FieldPower® LED as part of an innovative lighting solution for their wind turbines. All the product features were tested by Weidmüller and can be applied internationally under harsh conditions.

Easy construction of complex networks

System solutions from Schulz Systemtechnik, for use in the food industry among others, contain managed switches from Weidmüller to meet the complex communications requirements.

Clear marking, clear water

Precisely identifying all electrical cabinet components with Weidmüller's marking system means that the pumping stations operated by the Stadtentwässerungsbetrieb Paderborn (STEB – Paderborn waste water treatment) have clarity in more ways than one.

Easy wiring for heavy industry

As a part of a modernisation project at Saarstahl AG, the industrial service provider schütz engineering PLT GmbH was looking for a suitable connectivity solution for signal distribution. They found this in the shape of the PRV PUSH IN marshalling terminal blocks from Weidmüller.

A gain in safety

With its direct PUSH IN connection, good orientation and optimised labelling, the PRV marshalling terminal blocks from Weidmüller fully meet the safety requirements of the Chemiepark Marl (a chemical production industrial estate in Marl)

The best shaped functional integration

A high number of channels on the smallest possible PCB space characterises the
CPX-L I/O modules from Festo. Behind them are the LSF-SMD PUSH IN PCB terminals.

Secure, solid, specific

PetroChina approves the use of Weidmüller‘s SIL 3 certified safety relays, explosion protected distribution enclosures and specially adapted interface units for the automation of the processes within their new oil refinery.

Supply and communication in the ship’s control system

GL certified power supply units and Ethernet switches from Weidmüller are used for
S-two’s reliable supply and transmission systems in the harsh maritime environment.

Safe enclosures for rough seas

Liebherr uses Weidmüller‘s sturdy distribution enclosures to defy the harsh environmental conditions for its ship, offshore and dockside cranes.

Minimum size, maximum function

Weidmüller‘s PCB plug in connectors reliably connect remote sensors in Jetter‘s JX3 I/O system. Compact, but highly functional, this has been the fundamental design influence of the narrow JX3 modules.

Innovative illumination with long-lasting hardware

Weidmüller’s BCF 3.81: the sturdy, maintenance-free female connector that is being used to support the durability of the innovative FARA LED LAMP® LED street lights.

High-speed with HighPower

Power transmission on the Velaro® D high-speed trains from Siemens takes advantage of Weidmüller’s HighPower connectors. This system features modular construction, reliably crimped wires and pluggable connections – all of which makes it an excellent fit for such a demanding transportation application.

Successful device design by integrating competences

In order to successfully master the challenges of applications with power electronics, Beckhoff Automation cooperates in the field of connection technology with Weidmüller whom it considers to be an experienced and reliable design-in partner.

Electrical connectivity and marking systems for Desiro ML

Desiro ML – the innovative regional train platform of Siemens Mobility – is setting new standards in modern rail-based transportation. Weidmüller is supporting this future-oriented means of transport with innovative connectivity and marking solutions.