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In Focus

“Industry 4.0 must benefit the end user”

Dr Jan Stefan Michels, Head of Standard and Technology Development, explains how Weidmüller is currently pushing intelligent networking of production – both at a technological and a personal level.



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In Detail

Contactless power transmission
Using the optimised inductive resonance coupling technology even powerful motors can be reliably supplied via an air gap.


Im Focus
Intelligent networking between production and building facilities

Weidmüller is in real-time dialogue over individual energy management challenges and issues. Interested partners go behind the scenes of Weidmüller's production and experience first hand the potential of systematic energy-saving measures.


Overview of more current topics:



Tips for secure crimp connections


In any machines and systems, secure connections are essential. If the contacting is faulty, it can lead to time-consuming and cost-intensive malfunctions. For durable connections, therefore, it is recommended to heed the following tips when crimping.



Configure and monitor with the latest FDT2 technology


FDT2 is one of the most important recent advancements in manufacturer-independent standards for the automation industry. Weidmüller is the first provider to support the enhanced specification with device drivers and a customised frame application.



Solution for the SmartFactoryKL


How the intelligent factory of tomorrow can appear in practice is demonstrated by SmartFactoryKL together with leading industrial partners. As part of an infrastructure solution, Weidmüller is helping to turn the plug-and-produce principle into reality.



Industry 4.0 reaches the customers of tomorrow with Smart Services


Prof Dr Henning Kagermann, President of the National Academy of Science and Engineering – acatech – explains how the Industry 4.0 Smart Factory is becoming the new economic paradigm and calls for cooperation across industrial sector boundaries – for a brave entry into the world of Smart Services.



u-remote promotes efficient powder coating


When it was redesigning its furnaces, MS Oberflächentechnik AG wanted its new remote I/O system to be flexible to plan, quick to install and stable in operation. Today, u-remote is delivering noticeable efficiency advantages in all phases.



Safe interaction between man and machine


Protected investments, staff safety and increased added value are Weidmüller's objectives with u-remote. Fully designed with safety in mind, the remote I/O solution significantly simplifies the design and implementation of safety concepts of any size.



LED system solution cuts an impressive figure in pilot installations


FieldPower® Wind Energy offers everything required for the interior lighting and supply of wind power installations. As a customised solution, the system is an integral component of the current tower installations of leading turbine manufacturers – such as Nordex, for example.



Photovoltaics make water treatment "greener"


Covering an area the size of five football fields, the 3 MW system on the roof of the Aquiris water treatment plant is the largest of its kind in Belgium. Combiner boxes from Weidmüller help ensure that the 10,000 installed photovoltaic modules generate top-notch output exceeding 3.2 MW.



Single track to success


Thanks to TERMSERIES with multi-voltage input, multi-track relay solutions are a thing of the past. The Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) benefits from this with its newly standardised overhead line control cabinets..



Everything in flow with device design


Weidmüller was able to meet the requirements of SAMSON AG in developing a new electropneumatic position controller by providing a reflow-compatible connection solution and multifaceted design-in support.