Reliable connections are your main concern
Our stars provide crimping that lasts


The most important task when crimping is to prevent crimping errors and thereby achieve homogeneous crimped connections. High-quality crimping requires both manual dexterity and a suitable crimping tool with coordinated wire-end ferrules. International standards and regulations, such as DIN EN 60352-2, are essential quality criteria for perfect crimping. Tensile strength achievement and the prevention of typical crimping errors play a major role.

To help you create durable crimp connections, we are constantly developing new tools to meet your professional needs. Our many years of experience and expertise in the field of crimping mean you will always be on the safe side. Our crimping tools can handle the widest range of contacts with ease and even surpass prescribed quality criteria.

Whether in hard-to-reach places inside the cabinet or in the workshop – with our professional tools you’ll always have the right tool to hand for a variety of manufacturing processes. Crimp the widest range of cross-sections you can imagine with our new crimping tools PZ 10 HEX and PZ 10 SQR, which use a single crimping die, or take advantage of our stripax® plus 2.5, which combines three tools in one. Coordinated wire-end ferrules and tools mean you can also create UL-compliant crimp connections.