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No insulation is too much for our stars
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Stripping cables and lines without damaging the individual wires is the most important task when you strip insulation and sheathing. For consistent stripping results, you need precision tools that ensure safe working procedures and optimal processes. Your applications are as diverse as the cables used and their characteristics are varied. These range from soft to hard, from smooth to tough, and make accurate stripping a real challenge. We have managed to address this challenge successfully.
Thanks to our years of practical experience, we are continuously developing new tools to meet your professional demands. Our sheathing and insulation stripping tools not only excel by virtue of their high degree of comfort and performance, but also offer a perfect solution for every application.
Our unrivalled team of insulation and sheath stripping tools allow you to strip and sheath almost all types of cable almost without exception. Regardless of whether its the smallest or largest cross-sections, extremely soft or very hard cables, our precision tools are always sure to impress you with their high level of quality and reliable results. Take our new stripax® ULtimate for example, with which halogen-free and similar insulation materials with hard or smooth insulation are stripped easily, quickly and automatically. No insulation is too much for our „stars“.