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To guarantee that your electrical systems and devices are working smoothly and operating safely, it is essential that you carefully test all of the relevant functions during installation, maintenance and repair processes. A professional voltage tester not only allows you to satisfy VDE provisions, standards and other guidelines, but also the "Electrical installations and equipment" (GUV-V A3) accident prevention regulation.

As your partner, we develop and design testing tools that do more than simply meet current standards, such as the German Occupational Safety and Health Act. They are tailored to your practical requirements too – for maximum precision during your everyday work.

With our new generation of voltage testers, we are unveiling unique all-rounders that combine proven functions with additional benefits. An acoustic signal helps you to test continuity and voltage, while a frequency display assists with checking your systems. The permanently activated continuity test and the integrated tool for opening the battery compartment make your work process much easier too. It's equipment that enables our stars to deliver a dazzling performance.


Testing for hertz

Our all-round products allow you to test frequencies as well as voltages, so you can directly record all of the relevant values in a single step and reduce the time and effort required to a minimum.

A wide measurement range – that extends down to even the smallest voltages

Use our universal, ingenious products for testing between 0.3 and 690 V and reliably record even extremely low voltages. There's no need to have a backup to perform tasks such as checking batteries.

Adjustable light sensor

Our stars know when they're in the spotlight. The integrated sensor automatically switches on the backlit display under poor lighting conditions, allowing you to save energy and preserve the battery.

Permanently activated continuity testing

All you need to do is permanently switch our voltage testers to continuity testing mode. There's no need to keep your finger pressed down on a button. Our stars use optical and acoustic signals to indicate when there is a safe connection between your test areas.

Changing batteries – the easy way

So you don't have to go without your voltage tester for too long, we've developed an extremely easy battery change process – using the two-in-one battery compartment opener and test probe cover.


Standard functions

Optimised operation

Test sockets the quick and easy way using just one hand. Our perfectly adapted test probes provide you with superior support here.

Optical and acoustic continuity testing

Don't just rely on what you can see during the continuity test. The combination of optical display and acoustic signal make your testing operations faster and more reliable than ever before.


Testing voltage – even when loaded

Use the double button to activate a load for triggering a 30 mA residual current circuit breaker or suppressing inductive reactive power. Accidental triggering of the residual current circuit breaker during testing is thus a thing of the past.

See what you're testing

A white LED lights up your test area under poor lighting conditions. The clear benefit here is that you can identify colours easier than you would with a yellow LED. Plus you're saving electricity at the same time.

Light for precise testing

Backlighting means it's always easy to see the display on our voltage testers.The backlit display means you can read measurements perfectly – even under poor lighting conditions.

Handy for testing the rotating field

Flexible in use whatever your location: Use our voltage testers to test the rotating field. They even boast a direct

display for both right- and left-handed rotating fields.

Resistant to dust and dirt

Our voltage testers satisfy protection class IP 65, which means they are resistant to dust and water jets. You are therefore guaranteed safe working, even in harsh environments and under adverse conditions.





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