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Whatever you would like to protect, the VARITECTOR PU Series allows tailor-made protection for every conceivable application area – from office buildings to manufacturing operations, right through to power-generation systems.
Take the lead in 2013
with the first surge protection conforming to the latest standards
If you start planning with our VARITECTOR PU products today, you will avoid the costs of any later modifications, redesigns and changes required to meet the latest standard. You will also bring more stability to your planning process and will therefore be on the safe side, in paritcular, for long-term projects. This will reduce your planning costs.

Solutions for complex system infrastructures

VARITECTOR PU Type I –free of leakage current and thus ideal for use upstream of an electric meter


VARITECTOR PU Type II –a complete product line for all types of network configurations (TN-C network, TN-S network, TN-C-S network, TT network, IT network)


VARITECTOR PU Type III –offers ideal protection for all important terminal devices

Special solutions for photovoltaic systems

Products which have been specifically designed for the DC side of a plant are tested in accordance with EN 50539-11:2012.


VARITECTOR PU Type I –optimum solution when separation distances cannot be maintained


VARITECTOR PU Type II –general-purpose DC surge protection solutions for photovoltaic systems

Special solutions for wind turbines

Optimum protection through especially high vibration resistance.


VARITECTOR PU Type I –25-kA units are the perfect solution for protection of turbines against direct lightning strikes.


VARITECTOR PU Type II –especially "VARITECTOR PU II 750 V / 25 kA" products provide ideal protection for generators in nacelles.



Where are surge protectors installed?

Use the VARITECTOR PU series in your individual power grid