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How useful is surge protection?


Surge protection should be a hot topic for you every day because by investing in surge protection you create operational reliability. This is important if you wish to avoid the worse case scenario. Lightning strikes up to 2 km away from electromagnetic couplings can destroy electrical components.

This is of immense significance when you consider that there are around one million instances of lighting every hour around the world. This means that in a very short space of time currents of 50-200,000 amperes could be flowing.

If you wish to play it safe, you should include surge protection in your corporate strategy.



For power systems


For power systems Information: display | hide Weidmüller VPU I (Type I), VPU II (Type II) and VPU III (Type III) surge protection products effectively reduce the interference coupling that can occur from transient surge voltages, even significantly below the limits prescribed by insulation co-ordination according to EN 60664-3 / DIN VDE 0110-3. This means that the entire system is exposed to less malfunction.


For Signals


Overvoltage coupling along the conductor path may disturb or destroy sensitive signal inputs. It is important to provide protection in the immediate vicinity of I&C devices. Weidmüller's broad product range for the I&C sector offers products in a 2-piece, pluggable design and modular terminals for tension clamp or screw connection. These products are suitable for both binary and analogue signals. Weidmüller also offers other designs with integrated components such as gas discharge tubes or varistors


For data interfaces


"Data transmission" is the transfer of characters, numbers, statuses, measurements, etc. between different, decentralised units. "Decentralised units" are controls, computers, measurement sensors, actuators, etc. Appropriate overvoltage protection is essential for such sensitive areas. Weidmüller can offer a wide range of solutions.


Pulse counter

To effectively protect your devices and systems from damage caused by lightning and surge voltage, it is sensible to know how high the load offered by the protective elements is. VARITECTOR LOGGER 30 registers current pulses as of a certain strength which are diverted by your surge protection devices via the PE conductor. This reliably measures the load of your protective elements. The measurement allows an optimum testing and adjustment of your protection and ideally compliments the type II and III VPU surge protection equipment.