You know how effective your lightning and surge protection is
VARITECTOR LOGGER 30 documents your system loads
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To protect your equipment and systems against damage from surge voltage, it is

advisable to know how much load your protective elements are subjected to.

VARITECTOR LOGGER 30 registers current pulses that exceed a certain strength, which are discharged by your surge protection devices through the PE conductor. This reliably measures the load of your protective elements.
This measurement means you can provide optimal testing and adjustment of your protection and complements types II and III VARITECTOR PU surge protection equipment.

You would like to register and document increased current pulses. Our systems reliably record the number of lightning strikes.

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Product advantage


Versatile current measurement

Sensor with ferrite toroid detects current peaks on the PE conductor, such as those that are caused by lightning strikes.

Flexible application

An internal battery means that the VARITECTOR operates independently from the mains power.

Easy determination of causal relationships

Documents the time and the calculated results by logging exact time stamps.
VARITECTOR LOGGER 30 documents your system loads