Professional surge protection for Ethernet applications
VARITECTOR DATA CAT6 ensures fault-free data transmission
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Data networks are the backbone of efficient communication within your systems. However, these networks are especially sensitive to electrical disturbances. You need a suitable protection concept to ensure reliable data transmission.
Safeguard the quality and reliability of your data transmission by protecting your communication networks against damage from lightning strikes and transient surge voltages.

Our new Ethernet surge protection devices VARITECTOR DATA CAT6 are in line with current market trends towards provision of even higher data rates and delivering protection up to 250 MHz

(Class E).

Your Ethernet applications need professional protection against lightning and surge voltage. With Ethernet surge protectors, we are rounding off our package of solutions for industrial data communication. Let’s connect.

Product advantage


High data rate

With its increased limiting frequency of 250 MHz, our surge protection devices are suitable for 1GBASE-T applications.

High power transmission rate

Well dimensioned cables ensure that powers that comply with IEEE standard 802.3 at per Power-over-Ethernet can also be transferred to other devices.

Low interference susceptibility and long life cycle

Robust metal housing provides a reliable protection.

VARITECTOR DATA CAT6 ensures fault-free data transmission