Surge protection devices VARITECTOR PU

Energy networks protect at the highest level
With VARITECTOR PU type I and II for 400/690 V systems

Production machinery and energy production plants are equipped with valuable technology. Of course you want to ensure that your investments are reliably protected, even if lightning strikes. The introduction of IEC/EN 61643-11 in 2012 with more stringent standard threshold values emphasises the high degree of relevance with regard to reliable surge protection.
Our response to these new requirements is the new VARITECTOR PU lightning and surge protection series. Their new type-I and type-II variants are characterised by particularly high protection against lightning damage and coupling into industrial energy networks of up to 400/690 V base. The self-monitoring surge protection devices are available in 12.5 kA or 25 kA versions. The pluggable arresters enable particularly rapid replacement, while the proven locking mechanism ensures a firm hold.
Because of the sparkover gap and voltage ranges, the vibration-proof Type I and II models are ideal for the protection of 400/690 V systems in wind turbines.
Installed at heights of over 100 metres, cabinets installed in wind turbines require particularly reliable protection against lightning damage. VARITECTOR PU offers maximum safety for industrial 400/690 V power networks.







The first surge protector conforming to IEC/EN 61643-11:2012

The particularly robust and sophisticated design has made surge protection devices of the VARITECTOR PU series the first products on the market to fulfil the requirements of the new standard

Product advantages


Flexible positioning in the control cabinet

According to IEC 62305, the distance rather than the line path from the surge protection module to the PE connection may only be 50 cm. The fact that you can rotate the base through 180° means that you have the highest degree of fl exibility during installation, without impacting on overall visibility.

Faster to assemble

The optimised mounting rail clip enables easy and quick assembly and removal, without the need for tools.

Securely locked in position

The arrester can be heard and felt locking into the base. This enables it to comply with the exacting requirements on vibration resistance set by wind turbine plant manufacturers.

Rapid status messaging

The remote signaling contact with PUSH IN connection can be quickly connected and provides reliable information regarding the status of the protective function.