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Members of the Weidmüller Board on the status and prospects of German industry’s commitment to Industry 4.0


Industry 4.0 is a paradigm shift that redefines work structures within companies. In the “fourth industrial revolution”, the factory organises itself. Products control their own production process. Workpieces send their production plan to the factory plant via wireless technology. The workpieces become active control components in the factory of the future.


In many German companies, Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 are already an integral part of the corporate strategy. In practice, a few companies have just implemented concrete projects and initiatives. Read on to find out what Weidmüller thinks as one of the leading pioneers.


Dr. Peter Köhler, Chief Executive Officer of the Weidmüller Group

“Our production facilities will gradually change. Individual value creation chains will be turned into value creation networks. Instead of production being centrally controlled in a passive system, the production processes will organise themselves as part of a decentralised procedure. The advantages are clear to see. Intelligence will translate into more flexible and more efficient production.”


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Volpert Briel, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer of the Weidmüller Group

“The fourth industrial revolution has progressed. In the beginning, critics were saying that it was simply a flash in the pan, but now, they have to admit that it's here to stay. This is a fortunate occurrence, as despite all the scepticism, there are more opportunities for Germany as a business location in Industry 4.0 than there are risks. But these opportunities also have to be exploited. Now – and with specific measures.”


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