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Vous trouverez ici un aperçu de nos nouveaux produits pour l'année 2015.

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Electronics and automation



You want to make automation easier and more efficient

u-remote maximises your performance

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Tackle power supply economically

PROeco bundles all of the basic functions in a compact design

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Power Monitor

Giving you control over your energy consumption

Our Power Monitors offer all the energy parameters at a glance

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A long service life is a key factor in a wide range of industrial applications

D-SERIES relay modules deliver impressively long-lasting high performance

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Power solid-state relays

You want to reliably switch high loads of up to 75 A

Our power solid-state relays can, without creating any wear or noise

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Your systems work with analogue current signals

ACT20P signal converters efficiently tackle signal conditioning and isolation

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Your systems generate a torrent of analogue signals

ACT20M signal converters process these in extremely tight spaces

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For greater transparency in your process automation applications

ACT20C signal converters enable status monitoring via Ethernet

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Professional surge protection for Ethernet applications

VARITECTOR DATA CAT6 ensures fault-free data transmission

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You know how effective your lightning and surge protection is

VARITECTOR LOGGER 30 documents your system loads

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RS SD HD interfaces

For more space within and a greater overview of your cabinets

RS-SD-HD interfaces offer maximum contact density

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You want efficient PLC system cabling

With PAC-S1500, you receive pre-assembled cables for the new


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RETROFIT front adaptor

Simple conversion and retrofitting of your PLC systems

The RETROFIT front adaptor and interfaces offer rapid changing

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Connecting relay modules to controls in a compact fashion

It's child's play with our RSM multiple relay modules

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Managed Switches

Integrate Managed Switches in an even more seamless fashion

Our new firmware makes system integration into EtherNetIP and PROFINET networks easy

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Crimp-free wiring

Connections made easy with the PV-Stick

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The convenient way to test mains protection and automation technology

Think ahead with WIPRO functionality and increase security

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M12 X-type/RJ45

Transmit up to 10 GBit/s with our proven M12 connectors

No quality losses with our M12 X-type / RJ45 cabinet feed-through

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CabinetLine FO

Secure data transmission even with long transmission routes

Our CabinetLine FO is synonymous with flexible fibre-optic cabling in the cabinet

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Increasing numbers of field components need power supplies

Our SAI SVV power distributors effectively reduce the amount of cabling

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WDK 10

Sophisticated power distribution in a set

WDK 10 feed-in and distribution terminals require up to 50 % less space

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Shielding on both sides in sprawling systems

Completely safe for the first time ever with our filter-based shield clamps

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Device connectivity


LXXX 15.00

You need more power on board

Our OMNIMATE Power LXXX 15.00 delivers powerful PCB connectivity

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Marking system



You want to combine markings with progress

Our PrintJet ADVANCED delivers systemised marking

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You want individual, accurate conductor identification

Our TwinMark endless shrink sleeve is extremely adaptable

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MultiCard variants

Your range of markers can rival any other application

Our new MultiCard variants deliver impressive performance right down to the smallest detail

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PZ 6 Roto L

Need to crimp in hard-to-reach places

Then reach for our PZ 6 Roto L

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