Innovations produits 2015

Connectivité spécialement étudiée pour votre industrie
Nos innovations en connectivité industrielle
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»When creating our innovations, we never lose sight of your future requirements. This is how we shape the industrial connectivity market over the long term.«
Industrial Connectivity means more to us than just connectivity, technology and electronics. The profound knowledge we have of our focus industries and our customer’s specific applications translates into practical advisory skills and gives rise to solution-oriented product concepts. We have compiled current evidence of this for you in this catalogue – in the shape of our product innovations.
Find out about a multitude of products, including u-remote – our innovative IP 20 remote I/O system geared exclusively towards your benefits: tailored planning, faster installation, greater reliability in commissioning and minimal downtimes. For considerably improved performance and greater productivity. Optimise your energy requirements with our Power Monitor, which measures and visualises all of the relevant characteristics with extreme accuracy.

And why not snap up our new PZ 6 Roto L crimping tool? It allows you to crimp quickly and safely even in hard-toreach places. 


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