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When working with live voltages, you must follow special guidelines and use special tools - tools which have been specially produced and tested for this purpose. Weidmüller offers a complete line of pliers which comply with national and international testing standards. All pliers are produced and tested according to DIN EN 60900. The pliers are ergonomically designed to fit to the hand form, and thus feature an improved hand position. The fingers are not pressed together - this results in less fatigue during operation.



  • protective insulation to IEC 900, DIN EN 60900

  • drop-forged from high-quality special tool steels

  • safety handle with ergonomic and non-slip TPE VDE sleeve

  • made from shockproof, heat-and cold-resistant, not readily flammable,
    cadmium-free TPE (thermoplastic elastomer)

  • elastic grip zone and hard core

  • nickel-chromium electrogalvanised coating protects against corrosion

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ESD Pliers

  • Electrostatic charging

  • EGB/ESD double-component plastic hand grip

Products in the Product Catalogue: