Professional stripping tools for insulation and sheathing for flawless processing


Weidmüller is a specialist in the stripping of wires and cables. The product range extends from stripping tools for small cross-sections right up to sheathing strippers for large diameters. With its wide range of stripping products, Weidmüller satisfies all the criteria for professional cable processing.

  • For flexible and solid conductors with PVC insulation

  • Cable with double insulation in two processing steps without special adjustment

  • Automatic opening of clamping jaws after stripping

  • No play in self-adjusting cutting unit

  • Long-lasting

  • No splicing of single conductors

  • Optimised ergonomic design

  • Stripping length adjustable via end stop

  • Adjustable for different insulation thicknesses

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Sheathing strippers

  • High-quality stripping for industrial applications (complies with the requirements of the aircraft industry)

  • Specially shaped stripping blades enable stripping of special types of insulation and conductor configurations

  • Adjustable stop for setting stripping length

  • Highly flexible thanks to interchangeable stripping units

  • Stripping results reproduced accurately time and time again

  • No damage to the conductor

  • A long-lasting, reliable tool thanks to its robust design

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Sheathing strippers for coaxial cable

  • for coaxial cable and round (shielded) data cables from 2.5…8 mm diameter

  • Antenna cable, Ethernet cable and Profibus cable

  • 1-,2- and 3-level stripping in one step

  • Fast changeover to other cable types

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