CabinetLine FO

Secure data transmission even with long transmission routes
Our CabinetLine FO is synonymous with flexible fibre-optic cabling in the cabinet
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Fibre-optic cables are the most secure and reliable means of data transmission over long distances and in surroundings affected by EMC stresses. Various plug-in connectors have established themselves on the market for the cables, necessitating a multitude of cables.


With the new CabinetLine FO, we’re offering you a wide assortment of patch cables featuring SC Duplex, LC Duplex and ST plug-in connectors, in various lengths.


Thanks to the easy-to-assemble frame in the SC and LC Duplex plug-in connectors, the cables can be flexibly converted to form 1:1 or crossed variants in just a few steps.

The more complex your system, the greater the risk of faults and interruptions during data transmission. Our fibre-optic cables ensure optimum transmission quality at all times. Let’s connect.

Product advantages


Good environmental compatibility

The use of a special LSZH sheathing material means that no harmful smoke gases occur should fires break out.

Maximum transmission distances

For the LC Duplex variants, a single-mode assortment that enables transmission distances of several 10 km is also on offer.

Easy-to-assemble frame

Flexible and particularly simple conversion of 1:1 to crossed and vice-versa.

Minimal attenuation losses

All cables are supplied with protective caps on the plugs, in order to protect the polished fibre surface.

Unsere CabinetLine FO steht für flexible LWL-Verkabelung im Schaltschrank

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