FieldPower® MPB

Reliable and faultless installation with FieldPower®


The customer 

BELIMO Automation AG is a publicly held technology company with over 1,100 employees worldwide. Since 1975, BELIMO has been designing, manufacturing and selling electrical drives for ventilation flaps and fixtures in heating, ventilation and climate control systems. BELIMO has a comprehensive product line and is the global market leader in this specific market.


The specification

The Multi-point bus is a simple actuating and sensing bus. It requires neither a special bus line nor a shielded cable. It can be implemented using the standard TT or NYM installation cables. However, when using conventional wiring methods, it is not possible to carry out the installation in a quick and precise manner. This prevents it from being completely accepted as a system solution. Research shows that more than half of all installation errors occur because of erroneous connections. These occur even when using a clear connection diagram under clean working conditions.


The solution

Now FieldPower® allows them to achieve both goals: No wiring errors all the way from the controller in the electrical cabinet to the end device - using standard installation cable. The single wires are connected quickly and reliably via patented IDC contacts. Due to the fact that the wires are not cut, it is almost impossible to confuse them. Connection errors, too, can be excluded.


The customer benefit

BELIMO‘s Multi-point bus is the standard used in building automation for HVAC applications. FieldPower® as an installation basis with options for different protection classes makes the connection and operation of sensors and actuators cheaper, quicker and safer.

„With FieldPower® we finally got the optimal solution at hand. Now we can use standard installation cables and there will be no wiring errors - from the control in the switching cabinet up to the end device.“ (Andreas Wunderlin from BELIMO)

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