FieldPower® - Power bus system

Modular base for decentralised automation


FieldPower® combines the advantages of busbar trunking systems and standard round cables for flexible and safe energy distribution in modular and decentralised systems. The new FieldPower® product family provides you with a unique solution system to use for your wide range of applications in factory and building automation.

FieldPower ® - flexible busbar system


The product family comprises:

FieldPower Drive

The modular base for decentralised automation

FieldPower Control

Decentralised functional box on the power bus

FieldPower LED

The robust lighting solution for the harshest of environments


FieldPower MPB

The new MP bus installation base for heating, ventilation and air conditioning



Areas of application



  • Skid conveyors

  • Power & free installations

  • Floor conveyors


  • Tray conveyor systems

  • Pallet conveyor systems

  • Package distribution systems


Airport Logistics

  • Cargo conveying systems

  • Baggage conveyors

Food & Beverage

  • Packaging machines

  • Conveyor systems


Building automation

  • Climate control systems

  • Belimo multi-point bus

  • 400-V branching

Wind power

  • LED illumination

  • Tower wiring

  • for lighting and outlets

Your application
  • Machine construction

  • Marine and rail

  • PV parks

  • Tunnel

Power electronics
  • Drive controls
  • Power Electronics

Product features and Approvals

Product features – Your advantages

  • Marking: User friendly and clear marking of all connections
  • IDC technology: Power bus system with 2.5 mm² to 6 mm² contacts in a single module: Time saving and convenient
  • Strain relief: Genuine strain relief for round and flat cables
  • Housings: Convenient installation, withstand loads of up to 1500 N, contains no halogens or silicones
  • Protection classes: IP65 for tough industrial environments and maximum protection or IP30 and IP20 for space-saving installation, vibration resistant and for outdoor use


  • A global first: the first cost-effective installation system based on conventional TC-ER round cables
  • 40 % lower installation costs because cables are routed outside of the closed cable conduits
  • An SCCR rating of 65 kA at 480 V: this permits usage without additional short-circuit current limiter

The method of connection

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FieldPower® - Power bus system
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