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Product overview

Primary switched-mode power supply unit

The switched-mode power units of the ConnectPower series are suitable for universal because of their variable input from 85 VAC to 265 VAC or 340 to 575V AC. They are offered as single-phase switched-mode power units for power classes up to 500 W and as three-phase units for max. 1.000 W. The devices have radio interference suppression (to DIN EN 55022 class B) and meet SELV requirements.


Uninterruptable power supplies
The UPS control unit, together with the associated battery module and the power supply unit, forms a complete DC UPS system. In normal operation, the input voltage from the UPS control unit is connected directly to the load. In the event of a mains failure (drop of the DC input voltage) the system switches instantly to battery operation. Once the mains supply has been restored, the system switches back to normal operation and the battery is fully recharged by the integrated charger. Three relay outputs, as well as three additional active transistor outputs and a control input to lock battery operation, provide full remote control by means of PLC or DCS control. Numerous modes of operation and an easy-to-use status display provide rapid fault diagnosis and optimum customisation to the application.

DC/DC Converter

DC/DC converters in a compact metal housing for mounting directly on the terminal rail. Nine versions are available with rated voltages of 5 V, 12 V,

15 V, 24 V and 48 V on the input and output side as well as a 250 W version.


Electronical Fuses
Many applications in systems and controls called for one power unit output to be distributed over several circuits. IEC 60204-1 prescribes protection in the form of fuses. Switched-mode power units have a limited output current dynamic and therefore apart from miniature circuit-breakers, which can be used in certain situations only, electronic fuses are the only alternative.

PRO-E power supply
With applications in industrial automation, you place value on a power supply with high levels of stability while remaining flexible at the same time. Our new plate-mounted PRO-E power supplies offer an excellent price/ performance ratio and are designed for all-purpose use. Thanks to the wide variety of models with output voltages of 5 V, 12 V, 24 V and 48 V, as well as extensive international approvals, it is suitable for use in many applications. The performance bandwidth ranges from 25 W up to 350 W. Individual adaptability makes PRO-E the right choice for your power supply.