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You are looking for power supplies with a high level of availability for your industrial automation applications and do you also want to remain flexible. Power failures in automation result in costly machine downtimes. 


This means that you will be looking for uninterruptible 24-V power supplies, DC UPS, to ensure smooth operation. For a complete solution, 24-V battery modules and 24-V buffer modules provide a bridge of between several milliseconds and several hours.

Weidmüller has switched-mode power supply units of 5-V to 24-V and 48-V suitable for use in industry, uninterruptible power supplies and electronic fuses for 24 V networks. Its DC/DC converters, diode modules, relay modules and capacity modules have also long proven themselves in supplying electronic sub-assemblies. In tough industrial environments, in chemical hazard zones or in marine engineering, our 5 V, 12 V, 15 V, 24 V or 48 V DC switched-mode power supply units with international approvals make for reliable use. What's more, the electronic fuses reliably protect your 24 V DC circuits.
The power supply products can also be used universally in conjunction with Weidmüller Industrial Ethernet, lightning and surge protection (VARITECTOR), relays and semiconductor switches and can be linked to form many complete solutions.

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