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Weidmüller’s relay couplers and solid-state relays feature excellent electrical characteristics. They also take advantage of the same reliable connection technology that has proven itself countless times in terminal products. This product line is ideally complimented by a wide variety of system accessories such as labelling material and end brackets. This helps to reduce your inventory overhead and stock levels.


Seamless aluminium production

thanks to precise signals

While modernising their control cabinets at an aluminium production facility, the Brazilian engineering and assembly company EBM faced leakage current and a lack of space. The solution: TERMSERIES relays. With multi-voltage input the signals are now always ideally suited to the automation – and the aluminium power flows continuously to the more than 160 ovens.



From negative to positive

Cost-effective conversion with solid-state relays

For the upgrading of an automation solution in the timber and sawmill industry, ALFHA benefits from Weidmüller solid-state relays in the SSR TERMOPTO series, which at the heart of each signalling circuit, convert a negative switching system to a plus switching system.


Facility-wide safety

Reliable emergency shutdown with SIL 3 relays


The quality of DCS systems significantly influences the productivity and safety of processing plants. Weidmüller supports partners like ABB with solutions that allow efficient and reliable system shutdown. In the

case of a current expansion project for a petrochemical plant in Korea,SIL 3 relays from Weidmüller support the functional safety of several thousand safety circuits.


Uplifting solution

Airplane maker won over by multivoltage input


The recipe of system integrator Simav's success contains high levels of flexibility and time efficiency. A decisive ingredient in the refurbishment of the plant automation of plane maker Alenia Aermacchi was the TERMSERIES relay module multivoltage input.