It doesn't matter what your needs are:
the new TERMSERIES relay modules and solid-state relays are compelling as a product solution for all signal processing applications
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Relay modules are universal isolating elements for use in electrical automation. There are always different requirements for them because of this versatility. With the development of our TERMSERIES relay modules and solid-state relays, we have used these practical requirements as our highest benchmark.
Depending on the application, you can choose the product with the fixed-voltage inputs or with the multi-voltage input, which is currently a unique feature in this thin 6 mm terminal block format. Our practical design is reflected in the high-quality design without any sharp edges, a large number of variants with screw and tension-clamp connections, and a clear status display even in difficult viewing conditions. The product shape allows it to be installed in many different positions. Unlimited cross-connectivity, even across partition plates, assures versatile usage for your application regardless of how unusual your needs are.


Advantages and benefits of the product


Always the best overview


A distinct status display is available through a LED that completely illuminates the ejector. This ensures the safe removal of the switching element.


Well-designed handling of cross-connections

An exceptionally simple shortening of the cross-connections to the necessary length allows indentations between the poles. An additional bar supports the handling and mounting without having to grasp the contacts.


Clear marking


The unique legibility of all labelling is assured in different mounting positions and this, together with different voltage variant colour identification, reduces the danger of a false connection.


Any desired combinations

The variants with a single or dual CO-contacts have the same form and can be cross-connected with each other.


Unique multi-voltage input

Whether retro-fitting machines or in plant construction: with the multi-voltage input from 24 V to 230 V UC, the input signals are always optimally matched to your automation application.


Custom-fit cross-connection

These cross-connectors are especially impressive because of their ease of use, good visibility and universal inter-connectivity – also across partition plates. Even the screw and tension-clamp variants can be cross-connected to each other.