Power solid-state relays

You want to reliably switch high loads of up to 75 A
Our power solid-state relays can, without creating any wear or noise
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Due to their high shock and vibration resistance, the large switching current and the option of simple fusing, our power solid-state relays far outperform any electromagnetic relays on the market today.
The compact modules have low power drive requirements, fast response times and noiseless operation. The optional 1PH-Control-Unit allows the current monitoring of up to five parallel connected loads.
Our new power solid-state relays are ideally suited for a multitude of diverse tasks: switching pipe trace heating, phase controls for motors and infrared heating, and permanent current monitoring.

Your applications require switching capacities that conventional relays cannot handle. Our power solid-state relays have an unrestricted service life – even in extreme environments.

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Product advantage


Simple current monitoring

The optional, plug-on monitoring module warns when current drops by 16 % or more. Short-circuit, line-break and defective loads are detected.

Simple current control

The 70 A phase control with analogue input

(4 – 20 mA) allows you to set up a heating controls or the power control of single-phase motors.

Affordable conductor protection

The high current load integral I²t of 6,000 A²s allows the use of standard circuit breakers for variants with 35 A load current.

Our power solid-state relays can, without creating any wear or noise

Direct mounting at the site of application

Ideal for controlling pipe trace heating due to the high output current of 50 or 75 A. The compact design allows direct mounting at the site of application.