RS SD HD interfaces

For more space within and a greater overview of your cabinets
RS-SD-HD interfaces offer maximum contact density
Let's connect.

Growing technical and aesthetic requirements mean that in most cabinets, more and more modules have to be accommodated within a tight space.
RS SD HD interfaces and pre-assembled cables now allow D-sub plug-in connections to be integrated with very high contact density. This creates space for additional modules while making things clearer and simpler.

The new interfaces are available with 15, 26, 44 and 62 poles in socket and connector versions, allowing them to be used in a wide range of applications. Compatibility with assembly carriers of the TS 32/TS 35 mounting rail makes installation, testing and

re-equipping very easy.

In cabinets, space is becoming scarcer all the time. Our new

RS SD HD interfaces give you room to manoeuvre. Let’s connect.


Product advantage


Ideal for VGA applications

The 15-pole version allows for high integration density, particularly in VGA applications.

Pre-assembled cables

Cables are available in different lengths and versions. As plug-plug, socket-socket, plugsocket, plug-ferrule or socket-ferrule.

Clear marking

The Dekafix markers make the HD D-sub connectors easy to identify. Tag carriers are available as accessories on request.

Robust holding system

All locking threads are fitted with a UNC 4-40 strain relief for added security.

RS-SD-HD interfaces offer maximum contact density