Câble préconfectionné PAC-S1500

You want efficient PLC system cabling
With PAC-S1500, you receive pre-assembled cables for the new S7-1500
Let's connect.

A faster and more cost-effective approach, combined with higher quality, gives you a competitive edge in almost all applications. This is also true for the reliable connection of field components to the controller.
Our new pre-assembled cables for Siemens S7-1500 controllers can significantly speed up the connection process and are suitable for use with a wide range of Weidmüller products.
With cables from the PAC-S1500 series you minimise the risk of wiring errors, have more space in the cabinet, save time and money, and much more!
Connecting your field components to the PLC system is often timeconsuming and liable to error. Our pre-assembled cables make connecting a quick and error-free process. Let’s connect.

Product advantage


Reliable connection

On the controller side, our cables are equipped with genuine plugs from the PLC manufacturer. On the field side, they have D-sub or flat cable connectors.

Wide choice of interfaces

We also offer a large assortment of passive and isolated interfaces with different functions, e.g. fuse, circuit breaker or relay.


The pre-assembled cables are available as an unshielded version and in various lengths.
With PAC-S1500, you receive pre-assembled cables for the new S7-1500