Connecting relay modules to controls in a compact fashion
It's child's play with our RSM multiple relay modules
Let's connect.

A growing number of applications require dense wiring to be connected in a very small space, in a very short time. Our RSM relay modules form interfaces with 4, 8 or 16 electromechanical and/or solid-state relays.
Our RSM modules are extremely compact. For quick wiring, the DC variants come with a shared positive or negative potential. An optional IEC603-13 plug-in connector allows pre-assembled lines to be connected.
The RSM series comes in various functional variants, making it highly flexible. Available with 1 or 2 CO contacts and a 16/8 A relay (RCL), as a slim 6 A relay (RSS) or with a test button (RCI).
You want relay modules that save space and can be wired with minimal effort. Our compact RSM modules save time and money. Let’s connect.

Product advantage


Fast, safe and easy connection.

With PAC-UNIV pre-assembled cables, it's easy to connect the interfaces to almost any controller on the market.

Clear marking

One green LED per channel ensures that each contact is clearly identified.

Excellent electrical properties

Galvanic isolation with electromechanical or solid-state relay allows the voltage of the controller to be adjusted to that of the field elements (e.g. sensors).
PUSH IN connection for 1changeover version
It's child's play with our RSM multiple relay modules