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Industrial Ethernet is still an emerging technology for automation applications. This section explains the different application areas for which this technology is suited. Read through our customer application reviews to learn more about the successful, profitable use of industrial Ethernet. The white papers help to answer technical questions on this topic.

Customer Applications

Balancing ballast on-board a ship – a state-of-the-art process uses Ethernet to communicate


Ethernet communications are being implemented more and more in the shipbuilding industry. Industrial Ethernet is not just being used for entertainment but also for the control and IT systems used for on-board communication. The following review from the company S-TWO illustrates this point.


White papers provide an overview of services, standards and electrical technologies. This includes user descriptions, case studies, market research, and technical information. These provide an overview (on at least two pages) of the advantages, disadvantages, costs and potential savings.

Using M12 or RJ45 connectors for industrial communication


The M12 connector is a well known internationally standardized connector for use in IP67 environments within automation technology. For the new demands of data communications, for example Gigabit Ethernet, the connector needs to be upgraded. By contrast, there are already internationally standardized solutions which have these properties in the format of a RJ45 connector. This information (white paper) explores the contemporary background and can serve as a decision aid.


Application Notes

Application Notes describe the concrete implementation of a function or application with Industrial Ethernet components from Weidmüller. Specific wiring diagrams and configuration instructions will guide you through the entire integration.

Industrial Security Router
Description of a remote access application to allow a communication between protected, not directly accessible machine networks and remote Service-PC’s by using a public OpenVPN-Server as „Meeting-Point“.
Configuring an OpenVPN remote access scenario using a Weidmüller Router as OpenVPN-Server.
Industrial Ethernet Switches

In Dual-Ring two neighbouring rings are connected with one another using one switch without the need for additional ports or cabling. This configuration reduces the total number of ports and saves cabling costs as an additional primary and back-up line is not needed.


Turbo-Chain offers the possibility of creating multiple redundant networks without the limitations of the ring technology. Turbo-Chain can be simply configured by defining two end-points in a segment. This means you can connect or extend existing redundant networks.