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Ethernet industriel

Communication stable et sûre de l'application jusqu'au niveau de contrôle


The communication between components in the automation technology is increasingly realized with Industrial Ethernet. This technology is becoming more popular. The common goal of both manufacturer and user is to make networking automation system components easier and more effective.

Weidmueller offers:

  • Unmanaged Switches for Gigabit and Fast-Ethernet
  • Managed Switches for Gigabit and Fast-Ethernet
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Switches
  • Seriell-/Ethernet-Converter with RS 232, RS 422 and RS 485 compatibility
  • W-LAN (Wireless LAN WiFi IEEE 802.11a/b/g)
  • Cables and connectors for Industrial Ethernet with Cat.5, Cat.5e, Cat.6, or Cat.6A specification and a capability from IP20 to IP67
News in the range of Industrial Ethernet.
Applications for Industrial Ethernet components from Weidmüller

Industrial Ethernet is still an emerging technology for automation applications. This section explains the different application areas for which this technology is suited. Read through our customer application reviews to learn more about the successful, profitable use of Industrial Ethernet. The white papers help to answer technical questions on this topic.

Customer application:

Balancing ballast on-board a ship – a state-of-the-art process uses Ethernet to communicate.

Configuration of Industrial Ethernet topologies, such as Turbo Ring, Dual-Ring, Turbo Chain, Dual Homing and Ring Coupling.

Software for Industrial Ethernet components from Weidmüller

Are you looking for up-to-date firmware or configuration software for your Weidmüller Industrial Ethernet components? Here you can find the latest versions of all software and firmware and the tools necessary to update your components.

Keep your Industrial Ethernet components up to date with the latest firmware from Weidmüller:

The Weidmüller Configuration Tool allows you to easily update the firmware of Weidmüller Managed Switches, Wireless Components (WiFi) and Serial/Ethernet Converter.

Documents for Industrial Ethernet components from Weidmüller
Here you can find all of the key documents that are important to operate Weidmüller Industrial Ethernet components. The documents are always kept up to date.

Our Documents:

  • Manuals
  • Installation Manuals
  • Product Data Sheets
  • Catalogues
  • Flyers
  • Practice Note